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Genesis : : [1] The Creation

Genesis : : [1] The Creation

In this video teaching series Dr Brian J Bailey lays the foundation for the plan of God for mankind by drawing out truths from the Book of Beginnings.

Firstly , Genesis means ‘original’, for it contains the seed thoughts and truths of all biblical doctrines including, but not limited to: the creation of the heavens and the earth, the creation of mankind, the institution of marriage and the family, the entrance of sin and disobedience. It reveals the birth and early history of the Hebrew nation, known today as Israel whose father are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

It is essential for every believer to understand God’s intention from the beginning, His original purpose, without which we cannot properly interpret or comprehend the Word of God. We trust this teaching will be a tremendous blessing to you.

Book of Beginnings

In the Jewish Bible, Genesis is called “The First Book of Moses” as the prophet Moses was the author of this precious book. The word genesis actually means “origin.” It is named Genesis because it has the seed thoughts and truths of all biblical doctrines, as well as the recording of the origin of good and evil in this world. Genesis is a book of beginnings.

  • The beginning of heaven and earth
  • The beginning of all animate and inanimate life (animals, vegetation, etc.)
  • The beginning of man and woman, and marriage
  • The beginning of sin in man
  • The beginning of redemption by the shedding of blood, and promise of a coming Redeemer
  • The beginning of war and murder
  • The beginning of man again, after the earth was destroyed by a flood
  • The beginning of the races, nationalities and languages at Babel
  • The beginning of a special holy nation—with Abraham
  • The beginning of the 12 tribes of Israel with the 12 sons of Jacob

  • The above beginnings (and many more) are seeds with numerous other seeds within them. We see the beginnings of creation, and the first family, followed by the entrance of sin into this world. Then God’s glorious plan of redemption is revealed. After that we see the lines of Cain and Seth, which formed the genealogy of the sons of men and the sons of God. Thus, we see the division between the children of the righteous and the children of the wicked.

    It is important to understand origins. For example, when a doctor attempts to treat a disease, he first tries to locate the source of the problem in the body, which is why he does a case history of the patient. Similarly, when we are trying to solve someone’s spiritual problem, we have to find the root of his problem.

    As a book of origins, Genesis is the source of everything. Therefore, it is essential to understand Genesis in order to comprehend the other parts of the Word of God. It is absolutely imperative to understand God’s original intention for man, for marriage, for sacrifice, for tests, and for everything else. Unless we understand the original purpose, we cannot properly interpret any subject in the Word of God.

    Five Common Expressions in Chapter One

    “And God said” — v3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, 26, 28, 29. The Bible never tries to prove it is God’s Word, it simply assumes it. There are no apologetics employed. Other expressions such as, “Thus saith the Lord”, or “The word of the Lord came” are found well over 3,800 times. You do not need to prove there is a God, or prove that the Bible is God’s Word. Even the devils know it, and tremble (James 2:19). The Word of God is a sharp Sword, use it, do not defend it.

    “And it was so” — v7, 9, 11, 15, 24, 30. Every time God speaks, something happens. God wants to speak creatively through us. God’s Spirit in Joshua commanded, “Sun, stand still!” And it did (Joshua 10:12-13). All the solar system stopped for a whole day. Psalm 33:9 says, “For He spake, and it was done; he commanded and it stood fast.” Whenever God speaks, something is set in motion. When God spoke, something happened immediately. Animals did not evolve, nor did man, nor did plant life. When God spoke they came into being immediately, in one day.

    “And God saw that it was good” — v4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31. Every thing God does is good! God is incapable of evil of any kind. He is totally good. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” He is abundant in goodness and truth (Exodus 34:6, Psalm 34:8). How do we interpret Isaiah 45:7 which says, “I create evil”? Here the word evil means adversity or difficulty. It is the same word used in Job 42:11. It simply means that, sometimes, God allows his people to be tested with hardships.

    “And the evening and the morning were …” — v5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31. This indicates that the seven days in chapter one were 24-hour days. Genesis chapter one is not an allegory (Exodus 20:11). God did not try to fool us when He gave us His Word. Always take the literal interpretation, unless God indicates otherwise.

    “After his kind” — v11, 12, 21, 24, 25. Everything reproduces its own kind. Cows reproduce cows, potatoes reproduce potatoes, oak trees reproduce oak trees, and human reproduces human. There are no crossovers. Plants can be improved, but left to themselves they will degenerate. A horse and a donkey can produce a mule but a mule cannot reproduce another mule. Species can be improved, plant or animal, but left to themselves they will degenerate. Oak trees are the same today as they were when God created them in chapter one. This is true concerning birds, animals, plants, and man.

    The Seven Days of Creation

    Day One Restoration of Light; Division of Light from Darkness

    Day Two The Dividing of the Waters. Earth’s Atmosphere and Gravity Adjusted.

    Day Three The Sea Separated from the Land, Every kind of Vegetation brought Forth.

    Day Three Restoration of Heavenly Bodies – the Sun Moon and Stars.

    Day Five Creation of all Sea Animals and Fowl of the Air.

    Day Six Creation of all Land Creations; Creation of Man.

    Day Seven God Rested from all of His Works.

    Man – God’s Highest Creation

    The Lord created the rest of His creation by His spoken word, but He made and formed man with His own hands. He breathed the breath of life into man.

    “Let Us make man in Our image.” Man was made in the image of God in physical appearance. All those who have been privileged to see the Lord will attest to this.

    “Let Us make man after Our likeness.” Man was made also in the likeness of God. (In the Hebrew text these two words are sometimes used interchangeably.) This refers to the soul and character of God. This includes the God-like attributes of love, joy, and peace, epitomised in the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), as well as the power of thought, reason, and associated emotions.

    “And let them have dominion over all the earth.” Being made like his Creator, man is given dominion, power, and authority over all of the other creatures. For this purpose, the Lord has put the fear of man within animals so that they will submit to man.

    Note: The Trinity of God (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit) is revealed in Genesis 1:26 ““Let Us make man in Our image.”

    The First Sabbath

    On the seventh day of creation (Genesis 2:1-3), the Lord rested from all of His works. The Lord made this seventh day a very special day. Later on in Israel’s history, this day became known as the sabbath, which means “cessation” (Exodus 16:23). This day was set aside as a holy day unto the Lord. At Mount Sinai, it became a part of the Law.

    The seventh day in which God rested is not just a historical and theological fact, but it is linked to a spiritual experience in the life of the believer (Hebrews 4:1-11). This is expounded by the Apostle Paul in Hebrews 4:10-11, “For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.”

    There is a spiritual rest (a spiritual sabbath) that the Lord desires every Christian to enter into. By grace, God’s people can cease from their own strivings to fulfil God’s will, and enter into a state of rest whereby the Holy Spirit accomplishes His will in and through our lives. Isaiah 11:10 says, “His rest shall be glorious.” In this spiritual state of rest, we cease from our own opinions, ideas, and ways. Even our tongue must enter into rest (Isaiah 58:13).

    The 7 Days of Creation Correspond to the 7,000 years of Man

  • A thousand years are as one day (2 Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4).
  • The 7 days of Creation are prophetic of the 7,000 years allotted to man.
  • There were 6 days of creation (labour and activity), the seventh day brought rest.
  • Man has nearly 6,000 years (6 days) of toil, sweat and sorrow.
  • The seventh day begins when Christ comes again.
  • The Earth will enter into rest – reign of peace.
  • The Prince of Peace, the Lord of the Sabbath, will reign on Earth.
  • The Church will be ready for Christ at His coming (Revelation 19:7-8) They will be united in marriage
  • As with His first coming, Christ second coming will be in the fulness of the time (Galatians 4:4).
  • After the seventh day, there will be new Heavens and the new Earth (Revelation 21:1-22, 22:21).

  • The World Was Not Created by an Explosion

    You have probably heard of the “big bang theory.” It takes more faith to believe this than to believe the biblical account of creation. According to the big bang theory, suddenly there was a huge explosion and the earth came into being. This theory has as much logic as for a man carrying a puzzle box of 10,000 pieces, to suddenly stumble, and after all the pieces have flown into the air, to come to the ground in perfect order.

    An explosion does not create order and design. It sends everything in every direction, bringing chaos and destruction. And yet, the universe is made with extraordinary exactitude and perfect design that required the genius of a supreme being. Can you imagine an automobile being created as a result of an explosion? Of course not! Every part of an engine is carefully thought through and designed by an intelligent mind. Even to an unbelieving mind, the theory of a “big explosion” starting this world is ludicrous.

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    About the Teacher

    Dr. Brian J. Bailey is the President of Zion Fellowship International, Zion Ministerial Institute, and Zion University. He is also Senior pastor of Zion Chapel in Waverly, New York. He has traveled to over a 100 countries during his ministry of over 50 years, teaching in Bible colleges and preaching in leadership seminars. He is a prolific author of over 50 Christian books, teaching believers the ways of God, and establishing them on the pathway of holiness that leads to spiritual Mount Zion.

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